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Sweet Dreams and Flying Machines

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3 April
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"Sometimes it's embarrassing to talk to you. To hold a conversation with the only one who sees right through this version of myself that I try to hide behind. I bury my face because my disgrace will leave me terrified. And sometimes I'm so thankful for your loyalty. You love regardless of the mistakes I make [that] will spoil me, because I want distance from the most important thing I know. I see your love, I turn my back, and beg for you to go. [But] You looked into my life and never stopped, and you're thinking all my thoughts are so simple but so beautiful. And you recite my words right back to me. Before I even speak you let me know I am understood."
"I Am Understood?" - Relient K

My name is Natalie, and I'm a sophomore in college. I'm not a very complicated person to figure out. I like arts and crafts, anime, reading books, nature, my church, etc... Yeah, those are all under my interests. I dont really do a lot here, except for random art posts and looking at others' journals. Much of this journal is Friends Only, though I'll add just about anyone ;)

Currently Reading: Oscar Wilde and Bernard Shaw--A Woman of No Importance and, Mrs Warren's Profession, respectively.